you need
  • mat.
Start with warming up the muscles.Use any set of exercises, which offer for that professional athletes.Do not start training without this step, otherwise you will easily damage the muscle or ligament itself, and you need long-term treatment.
Proceed to learning the element, first assess their ability to perform a handstand.To do this, first try to just get up on his hands against the wall, at a distance, so that if necessary it could rely on.Do this carefully and if possible ask someone to stand beside him.Practice until you can hold itself upright without additional supports and assistants.
Prepare a soft pad for the development of the chosen acrobatic element
.It is desirable that it was elastic mats or as close to them on the subject properties.Stand facing a makeshift training area and take a step forward, at the same time lifting the left leg in the air, and his right hand on the lower floor.
make a push right foot, sending his body into the air.At the same time do not reduce foot and do not stop, must be kept moving forward.Put your left hand next to the right.Place the left foot on the floor at the same time as the right reaches the vertical position.Then, in turn, tear off the floor left and right hand and put your right foot on the floor.
element grind until you can perform acrobatic wheel not in stages, and a single movement.It is not necessary to remove the mats, even after you learn to do this element - they are required for safety.And before each workout sure to take time workout.Similarly, after intense exercise is worth spending a few minutes on what to give your muscles a rest, for which there are also special exercises.In the beginning, avoid too sudden movements and be prepared for the fact that you need to study more than one workout.Take your time and do not force events, treat your body very carefully.