To understand how best to pump up the press , you need to understand what the abdominal muscles are responsible for it.The largest and most visible to the surrounding muscles of the abdomen - a straight outer muscle, which is located along the front wall of the peritoneum.It was her usually called press th.This muscle in humans is divided beams tendons, so-called white line of the abdomen.This arrangement of the tendons attached to the stomach relief.In addition to direct outer muscles press but there are also the obliques, which are divided into external and internal.They are not visible to the eye, but still are responsible for the condition of the abdo
minal wall and the abdominal muscles can be talii.Pryamuyu simple inflections pump body in a prone position or bending and pulling the legs in limbo (on the bar or a simulator).
obliques swing with the help of the so-called twists, which can also be performed lying down or on the bar or the simulator.In order to have a nice tight stomach, you need to pay attention to physical exercise for all types of muscle and press.
simulators press and are of two types - one to do the exercises lying down, others are something like a horizontal bar with horizontal supports for the elbows and bar for nog.Trenazhery intended for exercises press in a prone position, are two rollers - one under your knees, and for a second you cling to your feet go.Such simulators easily adjusted to change the initial position of the body, depending on the required load.The lower will be your shoulders and head relative to the knees, the greater the load on the press during exercise, the better your employment and noticeable results.
On such simulators you can do and conventional lifting body, and twisting.Simply fix the foot on rollers, and perform routine exercise on a press , such as what usually do, lying on the floor.
Twisting performed on the same principle, only with the rise of the housing must be turned so that the right elbow was sent to the left knee and vice versa.
exercises vertical simulators are generally considered more effective than horizontal, as the load on the muscles of the abdomen in this case much more.In order to carry out exercises on such a simulator, it is necessary to stand on the bar for the legs with his back to the horizontal pillow simulator, putting his elbows on the supports, special clamps to embrace a brush, and then perform the pulling down.Legs bent at the knees to lift more easily than straight, as the load a little less.In any event, for the proper performance of the exercise need to raise the legs so that the thigh is perpendicular to the line line of the abdomen, a little late in this position, then slowly lower the leg.It is not necessary to carry out intensive kicks, as in this case, they will move on inertia and the load on the muscles of the abdomen will be minimal.