Become close to the wall, then bend your leg at the knee, lift the toe so that the calf and thigh together accounted for an angle of 90 degrees.
hands on the floor you have to put to the point, which looks sock.
now move away from the wall about three meters, then make a right foot step, put your hands in a fixed point earlier, lift the left leg and the right strong push off the floor and then the heels touch the wall.
Then bend one leg so that it is the wall was 90 degrees, pull the other leg up, keep your knees on one urovne.Legonko push off from the wall and then straighten the leg, which was bent.
Now connect the legs together and try to be retained in a position perpendicular to the floor.
all, now you can stand on your hands near the wall.Continue to exercise, but away from steny.Mozhno learn to stand on their hands and without her help.To do this, first learn to stand on his head, while the rest your hands.When the master headstand, try to pull your hands and keep ravnovesie.Ne forget that stand on their hands , like other acrobatic exercises should be performed only on the mats under the supervision of the insurer.During the workout, try not to bend, place the hands shoulder width apart.Of course, you'll have to fall more than once, so it is important to learn how to fall.In the fall leg buckled, and try to position the foot so that the heels down to the floor.Falling, try kuvyrknutsya or try to get to the bridge.