Method Energy

The first method that we discuss this method of Energy.It consists in the fact that by practicing asanas of hatha yoga, we try to trust your feelings and get the most pleasure in the performance.

Compare this can be to the state, when we woke up in the morning, not in a hurry and stretch and yawn.Enjoy the process of awakening!We do not force ourselves, we listen to your body and fulfill his desires.

For example, performing the pose "the inclination to direct the feet standing," we do not intend to get a head to toe or just bend much.Our goal when we practice asana technique Energy is getting pleasure from the process.We are in position as much as we want to, at some point your body will ask to lean more.

We obeying his wishes, in a relaxed

state cant below the feet.You could even say that the body itself is tilted, as we watch the process and enjoy a performance manner.Our movements are soft, smooth, we have ourselves to anything not force.This is the method of Energy.It is also called the Parent method.

Method Consciousness

its opposite can be considered a method of consciousness or Paternal method.When performing asanas in this manner, we are making efforts.We try to bend, bend below where a stronger pull muscles.

It is very important to distinguish when we are making efforts to carry out and enjoy the fact that we are overcoming themselves on when the violence begins.And violence, as we have seen, there is no place in yoga!Where there is violence, it ends with yoga.

Pushing ourselves, we immerse ourselves in the position deeper, feel pride in the fact that the body listens to us.Our muscles are resisting this approach, we are austere, but not leading to discomfort, to overcome itself.

But at the first method of execution, and in the second, the background should always be fun.Whether it's the joy of allowing yourself, or the joy of overcoming yourself!This is the approach of yoga!Any other approach will not bring us the long-term outcome.

Remarkably, when the yogi uses both methods in his practice.And the best, when both methods are present in the performance of the same asanas, one after another.Please use the method of energy received posture allows the body to relax into it.When the body gets used to the position, we deliberately increase the load, go to the method of Consciousness.