first workout in preparatory exercises.The first - jumping from a crouch position with full extension of the trunk and arms stretching upward.Second - jumping group, hugging his knees as close to your shoulders in a jump and straightening them before landing.After several training exercises, try to do both at the same time.At the same time seek to obtain the desired torque to turn back.
To perform somersaults immediately, take the starting position: Bend over a bit and slightly bend your knees.Hands down and move back.Maximum much push off with both feet off the floor and at the same time make a strong swing arms up.Immediately after jumping rectified and pull your hands up.Note: it is important that a wave of hands took place s
imultaneously with the jump, the body in the erect state needs is a split second.
To obtain an even stronger wave of his hands, in the original position, pull them up.Before repulsion brings them down, leaning forward slightly and rises steeply back along the arc, pushing his feet.Head immediately after the shock leans back.To turn was stronger, jump out of position on the toes.
Immediately after the previous steps will group.To do this, press the bent legs to the torso and hold their hands.The eyes do not close in order to continue to monitor their actions.Continue to hold the head thrown back.As soon as the trunk is parallel to the floor, ungroup.Pull the legs from the body, bend your knees and get ready for the landing.Try to get on the floor on your toes and keep your balance at the same time.Remember: an attempt to land on the straight legs can lead to injury of the joints.
For beginners it can be difficult to overcome your fear and overcome the instinct of self-preservation.Even for this reason only Train on a soft surface.If distracted from danger, you are able to better focus on the technique of performing a somersault.Try to quickly and accurately perform all the prescription and you will quickly learn.