Many want to quickly do the splits, but to put any time limit on this process is still not worth it.To achieve the desired goal of people with different backgrounds may be at different times.In most cases, to get the result you need not only the desire but also the time, patience, hard work.

If during exercise you feel a little nagging pain, you should not worry.However, when a sharp pain in the muscles should immediately stop exercising.

holds classes every other day, doing the exercises slowly and smoothly.The duration of training should not be less than half an hour.

Always start with a warm-up exercise to warm up the muscles.If possible, jogging.At home it can be replaced by squatting or jumping rope.Before performing stretching is helpful to take a hot bath for ten minutes
, thanks to the high temperatures the muscles are easier to stretch.It is also well suited for warm-up swings straight legs.

During the warm-up is also necessary to prepare the joints and ligaments.To warm up the hip joint need to rotate leg bent at the knee on both sides.The rotational motion of the ankle and lower leg and turns the body and are a mandatory part of the workout.

After the warm-up exercises you can move to the complex, which will quickly do the splits.It is desirable to perform the exercises in the order in which they are located below.

1. Bend one leg at the knee and set it forward, set aside a second back and straighten.With a straight back do 30 sit-ups on a springy each leg.Every occupation try to plant his feet on.

2. Spread your legs wide.Sit down on one, the other holding the line.Make smooth rolls 30 times, trying to go down as low as possible to the floor.

3. Sit on the floor, move the foot, knees apart.Press the foot hands performing springy motion 30 times.Try to get your knees to the floor.

4. The posture of the previous exercise lean forward, hands clasped feet, try to hold out for a few seconds in this position, and then straightened up.Repeat 3 times.

5. Sitting on the floor, straighten your legs, pull socks over, his hands grasp the feet and drag chest to knees without bending the legs.Try to stay in the lowest position for a few seconds until the nagging pains.Do 3 sets.

6. Arrange the wide-leg, place your hands on the floor.Lower the hips, bending the back.Do 30 repetitions.

7. Take the twine as low as possible and squeeze the legs, as if trying to get up.Strain them a few seconds, then relax.Take a few approaches.

8. Take the twine slightly popruzhinte, stay in the lower position for a few minutes.Is inclined to both legs.Do 3 sets.

These guidelines and exercises to help you easily and quickly do the splits.