Tip 1: How well do squats

Squats - one of the basic exercises, not only in the morning gymnastics, and in bodybuilding, powerlifting, as well as in the preparation of athletes.When performing squats are utilized quadriceps, glutes and calves.Needless to exercise at first glance, is quite simple: you have to sit down and then get up, returning to a standing position.However, it is important to perform squats correctly.
There are different versions of squats, including using dumbbells or barbells in order to increase the efficiency of squats.Depending on the different ways of doing sit-ups, focus on different muscle groups.For example, a squat on both legs involve muscles of the thigh;Squat on the toes activates the calf muscles;squats on one leg in turn strengthen the muscles of the buttocks.
Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart.Hands can be diluted in any hand to keep the belt.Keep your back straight.Reducing abdominal muscles, bend your knees, leaning on the whole foot.The clock hands squats
can be pulled in front of him, or get them by the neck or lift them along the sides of the torso.Slowly return to starting position and repeat the standing squats.This exercise strengthens the muscles of the thigh and drumstick.
starting position is similar to the first embodiment.The only difference is that in this exercise in the squat, we do not focus on the whole foot, but only on your toes.This method involves squatting calf muscles.
Another option squats.Legs set shoulder-width apart, knees outward.Hands can be placed on a belt or spread them apart.From this starting position perform squats.At the same time, the deeper to perform squats, the better.This type of sit-ups strengthen the muscles of the inner thigh.
main task exercises squats - to increase your strength, health and well-being.It is important not to give the descent of their laziness and persevere, persistence in achieving this goal.

Tip 2: How to do squats

Squats - this is one of the simplest and most effective exercises for the thighs and buttocks.Regularly performing complex, you can tighten the muscles and gain the beautiful terrain of the body.The main condition - to squat properly.
How to do sit-ups
To gain firm buttocks and thighs, without leaving home, is quite real.This will help you squat.

To achieve the desired results in the short term, it is necessary to engage in at least 40 minutes a day.Break them into a set of five exercises, repeating every 25 times.

Technique effective squats

Classic squats serve to warm up all the muscles of the legs.Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.Inhale, pull the hips back and squat down so that your knees form a right angle, and hips are parallel to the floor.Hands can be kept lowered, and can be pulled forward.

Squat "plie" will help strengthen the inner thighs.Arrange the feet shoulder-width apart, socks out.Sit down parallel to the floor.Hands must be kept on the belt.If you do not have enough balance, you can do the exercise at the wall, holding on to her.

Squats against the wall will enhance the buttocks and back of thighs.Stand with your back to the wall, the legs move forward on two feet.Squat, bending your knees to form a right angle.Freeze in a position mentally counting to five.The back and the head can not be separated from the wall.

¬ęScissors" does not only give shape buttocks but also improve coordination.Stand sideways to the wall, pushing one leg back.Squat, bending the back leg, and pull the front parallel to the floor.The first time can be difficult to hold on to the wall with one hand.

In order to increase the effectiveness of sit-ups, you can do it using weighting.It is best to do these exercises under the supervision of a trainer.At home, limit your weight 1-2 kg.

Use proper squats

As already mentioned, squats strengthen muscles of the thighs and the buttocks help to achieve the beautiful terrain of the body.In addition, squats are a good tool in the fight against cellulite.

squat exercises also serve to strengthen the overall the body, increase endurance and strength of man.Help to strengthen the knee tendons and joints.

performing squats, tighten your abdominal muscles.The upper part of your body should look like a corset, while remaining stationary.The back should be straight from neck to tailbone.A lap - placed over the feet and "look" exactly forward, not deviating laterally or forward.

Crouching correctly, you can not take your heels off the floor.Breathing should be smooth, without any delays, and more frequent.
exercises squats contraindicated in case of problems with the spine, as in this case it is particularly enhanced by unwanted load.Also, these exercises are not recommended for pain in the joints or knees.

Proper squat technique of utmost importance.To avoid back injuries should be kept straight and not bent.

To avoid excessive load on the knee joint, at the squat do not lower your buttocks below the knees.
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