you need
  • - to review the diet and diet;
  • - increase cardio;
  • - add abdominal exercises and back muscles.
Get rid of excess fat.To do this, there are many opportunities: jogging, biking, walking up the stairs.Inflate the muscles to burn excess energy.
Begin to eat responsibly.In order to not garnered body fat around your waist, eating every 2.5-3 hours.Do not forget to include in the diet of lean protein and vegetables.When the body is to understand that hunger does not threaten him, the fat disappears.
Eat 60% of your diet in the morning.Eat the same food - for breakfast only.The fact that insulin is responsible for the accumulation of fat in the evening pr
oduced much more active.He retains a high fat content, and all the food goes straight to the "emergency reserve".
Another reason big belly and - weak muscles.They are stretched continuously for a long time.Gradually, these muscles lose their ability to hold stomach , and he falls forward.The muscles are able to contract, just give them this opportunity.Eat early in the morning and in small portions.If you avoid blisters, muscle catch up with themselves.
Teach yourself constantly drawn stomach .Not just in the mirror, but when no one sees you.Gradually it becomes a habit.If you want to get tangible results within a short time, will have to do special exercises to the press.Scroll sports magazines or get advice from a fitness instructor doing.
Fortify your posture.For the answer straight back muscles of the spine.If they weaken, you start to slouch, back arches, emphasizing the size of the stomach well.Do not forget to pay attention in the gym back muscles, and in everyday life and keep your back straight while sitting or standing.Dancers call it "feel your posture."And the dancers are no big belly s.
doing stretching the hip flexor.From sedentary work these muscles, running along the back of the thighs, weakened and does not help the back muscles to support your lower back.And then everything is simple: lower back weakens, belly bulges forward.And you need it stretching, because the exercise of these muscles just reduces their elasticity, which prevents them from working properly.