Wear elastic fitting clothes so that it does not hinder movement, and you feel comfortable in it.Start your workout with warm-up the muscles.Jump rope or a quick walk around, actively poprisedayte minutes 5 - 10.
Sit on the floor, pull the legs.Hold out your hands to toes, it does not hog, promote breast forward.Hold this position for 20 - 30 minutes.Repeat the same exercise, but bend alternating right and left legs.
Stand up and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.Bring the left knee up to the side, the left hand grasp the foot.Pull the body up.Then lean forward, hands behind their backs connect to the castle, capturing stretched knee and pull it as high as possible.Return to starting position and repeat to the other side.
Place the leg at a right angle in a sitting position - one leg is stra
ight and the other set aside, back at the same straight line.After 30 seconds, switch legs.Then lift them up to 90 degrees, pull the body forward, keep your back straight, do not lean.
Follow Mahi straight leg to the side, trying to lift his leg higher each time.Cast leg on a table or wall bars and bend it to the floor, then to the toe of the raised leg.Then change legs.
lunged at a right angle with one leg forward and the other parallel to the floor to pick up the 30 - 60 seconds.Now pull the leg forward and hold still for a minute.Change legs and repeat.
Lie on the floor near the wall and lift your legs up, placing them in different directions.Pull the foot down.Stand up and straighten your back, bend one leg forward and the other pull back.After the change legs.
Arrange the wide-leg, socks expand to the sides.Try to sit down as deep as possible, lean forward and place your hands on the floor.Weight transfer to the hands, bend the back, head slightly lift up and spread his legs apart as far as possible.After this exercise, try to sit on the twine , each time sinking lower.