During the long jump, you pick up speed, moving in the horizontal plane, and then convert that power to jump vertically.In order to make this possible, the athlete should be fully developed.For starters, remember, from what stage is the long jump.
begins a running jump, then you push off the ground, followed by a phase of flight, and behind it - the landing.Women should be equal to the length of the run-up to 30-35 m and 40-45 m for men. For the longest running start you need to learn how to gain maximum speed on a short distance.Before takeoff take a comfortable starting position - place one foot slightly ahead of the other to the control mark.
also on the run, you can walk out of the
light.During a running start to gradually increase the speed, so that it reached a peak at the time of the push from the ground.Make sure that your body during the repulsion was in an upright position, and the foot, where you are coming from a land, was tense and bent in all joints at the same time, throwing up a body of inertia.
send Makhov leg jerk forward and up, take out the back with one hand, and the other forward and upward.Straighten the knee centrifugal leg and hands hold the balance in flight.Closer to land lower down the centrifugal foot, pull up her jogging leg, pull your knees to your chest and send arms down and back.
Straighten your knees and brought them forward as much as you can.After landing, bend your legs at the joints and slightly tilt your body forward.
For a successful implementation of hopping trains regularly run short distances, measuring results and jump in height from running start.The training required to include general warm-up with slow jogging and stretching, running with the acceleration, long jump from their seats, which are carried out in several stages, with a gradual increase in the distance, high jump, running jumps, running with low start jogging.