5 reasons to practice yoga during pregnancy:

Reason 1: Stabilization of emotions.

Yoga is very important in the first trimester of pregnancy.It was during this period there is the emotional stress by women.Classes will relax the nervous system, quiet and relaxing music will make a woman into a state of mind.During relaxation expectant mother pulled away from the disturbing problems.

Reason 2: Strengthen the body.

specially selected course of yoga for pregnant women will reduce the load on the spine.Part of the exercise to prepare the muscles for labor.Division waist during training will be relaxed, and it is important for the spinal and thoracic body.

Reason 2: Unification with the child.

yoga exercises help to focus on the connection with the baby.Calm mom relax and cal

m down the child, allows you to enjoy peace.Proper breathing will provide a crumb of oxygen, and my mother at this time can devote all their energies to a comfortable state of their baby.

Reason 3: Preparation for childbirth.

breathing exercises, stabilization of the nervous system to help cope with stress during birth.When the body is supplied with proper breathing a kind of natural painkillers - endorphins.With yoga the body is saturated with extra energy.

Reason 4: Confidence.

often feel a sense of expectant fear and anxiety.This is quite normal.Classes will solve many problems of insecurity and confidence.Matched course of exercises will help you find the power within themselves and improve their self-esteem.

Reason 5: The benefits of exercise.

favor of yoga during pregnancy has a positive effect on the entire body of woman and her unborn baby as a whole.Reduction of stretch marks, forms a quick return after delivery, and the ability to behave in hands - important factors use application classes.