Transfer the body weight on the left leg, right, lift off the floor.Make a circular motion in the knee joint on both sides alternately.Repeat with the other leg.
Stand on your left leg, right, lift, put your hands on the belt.Twist the leg, sending sock inside and outside of the foot forward.Then twist the leg to the other side: the inside of the turn of the foot forward.Do 10 twists in each direction.Repeat with the other leg.
Stand up straight, feet together, hands on his belt.With an exhalation lunge forward with your left foot.On the inhale, return the leg to the starting position.Repeat the lunge right foot.Make exercise at least 15 times with each leg.
Feet shoulder width apart, hands p
ut on hips.With an exhalation bend the right knee, the body weight transfer on the leg and pruzhinte on it for 20 seconds.On the inhale, stand up straight.Exhale lunged to his left leg.Repeat 15 times on each leg.
legs, spread wide, hands pull ahead, the inner side of the foot, expand forward.Exhale crouch down, stand up on inspiration.Do 15 sit-ups.
feet together, hands on his belt.With an exhalation bend the right leg at the knee, lift it as high as possible and send it to his sock.On the inhale put your foot on the floor.Make no less than 20 lifts each leg.
Legs set shoulder width apart, fingers locked in the castle, and stretch your arms at chest level.Exhale sit down, stopping at the level where the hips are parallel to the floor.The coccyx pull back and keep the pose for 10 seconds.On the inhale, stand up and rest 5 seconds.Make 9 more sit-ups.
accelerate the burning of fat above the knees may be, if you add an additional burden in the form of a cross-country run, swimming, climbing stairs, jumping rope and frequent walks.