Firstly, you can do push-ups with the help of the boards.Try to grasp them so that they are slightly larger than the width of your shoulders.Now, bend your legs, arms straighten sure.Housing in this case should be slightly tilted forward.Now slowly lower yourself, but try to raise your elbows to the sides.Pauses do not immediately return to its original position.
Equally effective would be and bench press.However, it should be noted that this exercise easier to carry out in the gym (in the home is also possible, but you will be much more difficult).First you need to lie on the floor, the hands have to take dumbbells.Themselves better to place your hands at chest level.Dumbbells lift straight up, tighten your chest muscles.Hand sink slowly in any case
slowly.Do not break, repeat the exercise.The optimal number of repetitions in one approach is 8-10 times (for beginners will be enough, and 5-8).But do not forget about the fact that the reduction in the number of repetitions must be increased weight dumbbells raised (the only way to provide the necessary physical activity).Conversely, if you do exercise many times, reduce weight.During one exercise to be performed three or four approaches, no less.
to increase the pectoral muscles is helpful push-ups on the floor.To maintain your muscle tone, perform 15-20 repetitions for each approach.The truth is not overworked: specified number of repetitions is provided only for people in good physical shape.Beginners will suffice 5-10.Load increases gradually, just add 5 reps each class to the total.