you need
  • - gymnastic sticks;
  • - horizontal bar;
  • - help partner or coach.
Begin development of pull with the performance of its simulation without crossbar.Take a gymnastic stick grip on top, placing hands about shoulder width apart.Stand up straight.Pick up a stick on his outstretched hands.Now lower the shell parallel to the body, bringing it to the top of the chest.It is this movement you have to perform when the real tightening on the bar.This step is important to grasp the specifics of the exercise.
Go to the study of pulling on a low rung.Best of all, if it will be located at a height slightly greater than the length of the hands.Position yourself lying on your back and clasp hands off.Keep your body and legs straight.Now start to ben
d the elbows, pulling the chin to the bar.The feet thus remain on the ground or floor.This is a very accurate reproduction of pull-ups, but with the minimum load.
you practice your pulling up on a crossbeam of the present with the help of a coach or teammate.Take the situation in the hands of Davis.Start a bend arms, pulling the chin to the bar.Your partner when it needs to support you for your hips and push up, helping to overcome the force of gravity.When the beam is below the chin lock this position for two to three seconds, and then scroll down, straighten your arms.Repeat several times.
Make pulling yourself.If you doprygivaete to the crossbar from the ground or floor, wait for the body to take a vertical position and will stop rocking.Now slowly tighten, trying to strain the muscles of the arms and shoulders.It is possible that when the first independent attempt to reach the crossbar chin will be difficult, but after mastering all the elements of the exercise task easier.
performing pull-ups, make sure the technique.The body should be positioned vertically.Glance Aim straight ahead.There should be no strong deflection in the lower back.Bending the arm, pull the body up one smooth motion, without jerking and swinging the body back and forth.The legs should be straight and information together.It is not allowed to intercept arms after another pull at the transition to the next.