Jumping on the rope for beginners and those who want to quickly get in shape are the same.To bring joy and exercises a positive result, you must first make the workout.You can run a little on the spot, or just like poprisedat.At the end of training is required to perform stretching exercises to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness.

three-week schedule

program jumping rope for weight loss based on the classical method of interleaving.Newcomers in the first week we recommend a third of the time allotted for one workout, jump, and two-thirds - to rest.In practice, it looks like this: 2 minutes skakaniya, 4 minutes walk on the spot.Note that you can no
t stop abruptly.

speed jumps depends on the level of physical fitness.Usually, beginners start with 15-20 jumps in each working range.The first stage will be sufficient for 10 minutes pure hopping three times a week.

In the second week is required to balance work and rest intervals.Now, after two minutes of jumps you can rest only 2 minutes, jumping rope should be given 4 days out of seven.By the end of the second week, you should be able to jump at least 3 minutes without a break.

the third week of jumping rope for beginners turn into jumps for advanced athletes.If in the previous lesson, you do not Philo, now you can make 2 jumps per second, continuous jumping for 10 minutes.Now, the aim should be intensive training with a regular increase in the intensity and the reduction of rest periods.

Landmark progression

to muscles were constantly on our toes and not accustomed to the exercises, you need while jumping to make a variety of interesting items.For example, periodically increase the speed up to three jumps per second or change the direction of rotation of the rope.

also very good effect on muscle excesses, when the hands are crossed, crosswise folding equipment.We need to try to jump not only on straight legs, but also draw in knees to your chest, make "scissors", moving the foot back and forth and sideways.Gradually, stamina and imagination ottochatsya to such an extent that you start coming up with their jumps.

Someone jumps on a skipping rope may seem boring and useless thing.Remember, efficiency and diversity training is up to you.In fact, this machine can replace a full workout at the gym.