you need
  • Space for exercise
Inflate the press - are coveted six-pack.You do not need any diet or exercise machines advertised, no pills for muscle growth or thousands of push-ups - enough to pay more attention to the training of the abdominal muscles, as they are the weakest, and preferably not at the end and at the beginning of the workout.
Note the frequency of training (minimum - 2 times a week).For muscular and dense media make high loads at low frequency.To provide support for the state of the press in training the average load and average frequency.
Break testing of the abdominal muscles in the two training sessions - thus you will ensure the best results.Raise the trunk for inflating the upper part of the
press, legs - to the bottom, follow the twists and turns of the body to inject oblique muscles and they do the same torso to the side.
Use in training different types of exercises.Try to keep the gap between the different types of exercise does not exceed two days.Use not only the usual lifts torso and legs, lying down, but in a hanging position.
By lifting the legs in a hanging position, add crunch bicycle (twisting of the body).The non-standard position of the abdominal muscles will cause them to grow more - and the result will be provided.The load do so much that after training constantly felt muscle fatigue.
Pay attention to your genetic background: if your family was puny, without a well-developed muscles, you may have to stick to a diet more in order to achieve the desired results.
Remove excess fat from the abdominal area, remember that it is hidden beneath the press.If you understand that you have excess fat accumulation, immediately sit on a diet, or any strength exercises and crunches will not help you.