Exercise Lie on the floor, his hands along the body.Put your feet on the floor, bending your knees.Extend the bent legs shoulder-width apart and lift your pelvis.Squeeze glutes to the tremor.

At "one" lower the hips down, just relax your muscles.At the expense of "two" re-raise your hips, glutes much holding.Repeat 20-30 times, rest a bit and do 3-4 sets of 20-30 repeti

second starting position is almost the same as that of the first exercise.The only exception - the legs are shifted, and the feet firmly pressed together.

At "one" lower your hips down, trying not to touch the buttocks sex.At the expense of "two" squeeze the buttock muscles and forcefully push the pelvis top.Perform 3-4 sets of 20-30 repetitions each.
Exercise third

Get on your knees, then fall on all fours.Straighten your back and move your right leg.The foot should be perfectly straight, toe and knee facing the floor.

At "one" lift straight leg up to about hip level (if the original position is correct, then the higher you simply will not work).At the expense of "two" return it to its original position.

Do 20 swings and then take rest and repeat for the other leg set.It - one approach.Just need to do 4 sets.
Exercise fourth

Get on all fours, then fall on your elbows.One leg pull back and bend at the knee, making sure that the angle is approximately 90 degrees.Raise and lower leg bent, trying to stretch the muscles of the buttocks.Repeat the exercise 60 times for each leg.
Exercise fifth

Get on your knees, down on all fours, then on his elbows.Throw back, straightening one leg at a time (do max), then return it to its original position.Repeat with the other leg.Perform 50 repetitions on each leg.