Tip 1: How to build biceps barbell

With biceps familiar, perhaps even those who have never been interested in any anatomy or athletic exercises.After all, a little man, showing off in front of friends or at home in front of the mirror, do not bend at the elbow, straining large muscles in the upper part of the shoulder.But this muscle is biceps .If for some reason you are unhappy with your biceps , pump it is not particularly difficult, even for beginners.The most effective are exercises with barbell .
can start with exercise, called "lifting barbells standing."The starting position for this exercise as follows: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart;take the post so that the palms facing forward.Slightly arch your lower back and fix this situation before the end of the spine approach.Smooth motion, raises the bar up to the top level of the chest by bending your elbows.Then, after a second delay, and gently lowered.At the same time your elbows should not unbend completely, they should remain fixed, parallel sides.
Such an exercise is recommended to do 3-4 sets of 8-10 times.
also effective exercises for the development of the biceps using the bar is "lifting barbells reverse grip."For its implementation it is necessary to stand up straight, slightly caved in at the waist, feet shoulder width apart.Take a barbell, palms facing down, on straightened arms keep the barbell in the hips.Bending your elbows, raise the bar to the chest and lower back down.Do the exercises slowly, making sure that the elbows remain stationary and placed strictly along the sides of your body.Do 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps.
regularly pumping biceps using these exercises with bar , you will achieve impressive results, but more effective, you can also do exercises for biceps like lifting dumbbell standing and sitting, concentrated ups and exercise called"hammer".With this complex you will admire the surrounding force and vividness of his hands.

Tip 2: How to build biceps dumbbells

Most people are pretty busy lives and they rarely have time for a full vacation, not to mention the fact, to go to the gym.But to engage in the figure can be at home: with the right exercises and diet, and most importantly, sleep, weight gain is not long to wait.And that is enough for even the bar, but only a pair of dumbbells.
How to build biceps dumbbells
you need
  • - Dumbbells
  • - Sports uniforms
  • - Water
Stand with your hands shoulder-width apart, hands behind his head.Do tilts to each side, five to ten times.
Lie on the floor on your hands, face down, focus on hand.Do push-ups in the amount of ten times.If you can not make this number at a time, broken down into a number of approaches until you have done ten times.
Stand, cave in at the waist.Standing in front of a mirror, take in each hand weights.Alternately, lift each arm, biceps straining with effort, until it touches the shoulder.It is important that the back remains straight and his hands pressed to his body.Make four sets of twelve repetitions of each hand.
Relax, have a drink of water, then take in each hand dumbbells and lift them together to shoulder level.Usually the same - back straight, eyes up, his head erect, his hands pressed against his elbows to the body, but do not rely on it.The body is not shaken, stand straight.Watch for breathing on the rise - exhale on the downward movement - breath.Do not skip a beat at the top, do not forget to strain your biceps in every movement.Do three sets of fifteen repetitions.
Sit on a chair.A little lean, lean the arm to the inner side of the knee.Take a dumbbell in your hand.Raise the arm to the top, bending at the elbow, almost touching his chin.Lower down.Watch for breathing on the rise - exhale on the downward movement - breath.Do not skip a beat at the top of the amplitude, the back is tense, but the body is not twitches, movements smooth.Do as many sets of ten repetitions as you can, changing hands, but without making breaks.
Repeat this exercise cycle again, take a break for ten minutes.For a complete pumping biceps biceps need to finish doing the last exercise before the complete failure of the biceps.In the week to do two or three such training.
In no case do not help yourself or leg motion competition - work should only biceps!
Helpful Hint
Watch for breathing and stop the movement at the top!