you need
  • Towel
  • GYM bench
  • belt helmet to work with weights.
  • gymnastic mat.
Before you start working with weights, do the workout.The muscles of the neck , like everyone else muscles of your body, you need to warm up before exercising.We must act very carefully, because the cervical spine of the least protected.Simple stretching exercises.This tilts the head left and right, forward and backward, turning from side to side.All warm-up exercises done slowly, without jerks.
wrestling Stand on the bridge.Carefully follow the shoals from the nape to the forehead.At the time of rolli
ng to the back muscles rear division neck have a very strong strength.Move strictly in one plane, avoid distortions and turns.Performing this exercise requires a lot of concentration.In order to achieve greater stability, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart or slightly more.
Uprites forehead on the floor and toes.Make rolls from the forehead to the crown.Safety in this exercise is the same as in the previous year.When you learn the proper technique execution, you can pick up a dumbbell.When the exercise is necessary to hold the dumbbell at chest level.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.Take the towel, folded lengthwise.Wrap it around your head and grab the ends of the right arm.The left hand is on the waist or hanging freely.Keep your back straight.Follow the head tilts to the left, against the resistance of the right hand.Repeat for the other side of the neck .
Wear a helmet with weights.Lie on your side gymnastic bench.Shoulder rest against the edge of the bench, his head hanging freely.Start driving head down strictly vertically.Lower the head as low as possible.Then slowly lift your head as high as possible to the shoulder.Do 6-8 reps and switch sides.Enough to make three approaches.Avoid turns and deviations in the motion.The eyes should be looking straight ahead.Do not use too much weight in this case will not be your movements smooth.
Lie back on the bench.Shoulders are on the bench, and the head extends over the edge and can move freely.Helmet with weights can be replaced by a simple pancake from a bar or collapsible dumbbells.Put burdening on the forehead and hold his hand.Lower the head back no more than 45 degrees, then lift up, trying to reach his chin to his chest.Do 6-8 repetitions.Then turn on your stomach.Burdening hold on the back of the head.Follow the same 6-8 repetitions.Technique with weights is the same as in the previous exercises with the weight.
After you finish yoga exercises for the muscles of the neck , make sure to stretch.Grasp the head with his right hand so that his hand touched his left ear, and pull the head to the right shoulder until the feeling of tension in the muscles.To complicate the exercise, you can slightly lower the slope of the opposite shoulder.Repeat for the other side.By the same principle, do stretching to the rear of the neck muscles .This stretch can also be used for those who work a lot on the computer.