Stand on your right foot, left foot put on his right knee, hands pull ahead.With the expiration of maximum squat on the right foot, while inhaling straighten the knee.Do at least 10 sit-ups.Repeat on the left leg.
Stand up straight, hands on his belt, legs together.With an exhalation bend the left leg and tighten the knee as close to your chest.Raising foot, send the sock, and tighten it.On the inhale put your left foot on the floor.Repeat with right leg.Make no less than 15 lifts each leg.
Put feet shoulder width apart, hands pull ahead.Exhale crouch down, tailbone pull back, stay in position when the thighs are parallel to the floor.On the inhale straighten.Do
20 sit-ups.
Legs set as widely as possible, place the palms on the thighs.Take the socks, shin while you greatly reduced, follow all exercise without lowering the heels to the floor.Sit down, pull back the tailbone.On the inhale stand.Exercise perform 20 - 30 times.
Stand up straight, put his hands on the belt.With an exhalation lunge, bending the right knee.For 15 - 20 seconds pruzhinte thereon.On the inhale, stand up straight.Then do a lunge to the left as you exhale and repeat the springy motion.Perform 20 lunges on each side.
Lie on your stomach, hands extend along the body, put his chin on the floor.On the exhale, lift your right leg up, stay on her weight for 10 seconds.On the inhale, place your foot on the floor.Then lift your left leg as you exhale and repeat delay.Make no less than 10 lifts each leg.
Lie on your right side, the hand position as you wish.As you inhale, lift your left leg up, pull the sock over.Within 2 - 3 minutes ago springy motion, quickly raising and lowering the leg.With an exhalation lower leg, turn on your left side and repeat on the right leg.