you need
  • sports uniforms, free time and a positive attitude
perform exercises on a daily basis for 15 times each.Imagine that you sit down on a chair and proceeds to squat.Legs set shoulder-width apart, hands behind his head position, keep your back straight.Make sure that the heel is not fixed on the floor.To complicate the exercise, take dumbbells and hold them close to the sides.Place your hands on the belt (to complicate the exercise used dumbbells), legs put together.Straighten your leg back to the other leg bent at the knee as much as possible.Repeat the exercise nogoy.Lozhites other
on the floor, bend your knees and put your hands free to relax.Begin to pull up the lower back and yagodnitsy.Feet, head and hands should remain on the floor.Lower the pelvis, but they do not touch the floor.Continue the exercise by raising and lowering taz.Vstante on all fours, hands and feet are at an angle of 90 degrees, put your elbows on the floor.Retraction leg rearward and upward so that it is located parallel to the floor.Repeat the exercise with the other leg.To complicate the exercise, while lifting bend your knee and pull the sock on sebya.Stante straight, hands lean on a chair with your feet together.Follow mahi, exhale alternating nogi.Stante straight, hands lean back, heels together, toes maximum take aside.High rise on tiptoes, then lowered.To complicate the exercise, use ganteli.Lozhites on his back, place your hands on the floor, lift your legs.Start slowly raise the legs while pulling on socks.Freeze in this position for 10 accounts.With each repetition of all shire.Lozhites spreads his legs back, bend your knees and pull your legs to your chest, hugging them with his hands.Breathe deeply, trying to relax the body.You are in this position for three to five minutes.
Eat right.Eliminate from your diet tion fat, salted and pickled food.Less drink fluids, especially carbonated drinks.Try to give up the sweet and starchy foods.
walk regularly walk or a morning jog.