you need
  • - dumbbells
Make the following means for the exercise: two wide nylon tape put on the top crosswise ends sveste.From a kapron tape do bezel, which you attach to the head of the previous two tapes.Thus, you get a kind of cap.By the end of two nylon tapes that you tied in the back of the head crosswise tie dumbbell (weight can choose at their discretion), but do not overdo with the weight, otherwise you can damage the cervical vertebrae.Now, sitting or standing, do tilts his head back and forth.Exercise is very effective in order to pump up the neck wings at home.
Another exercise to pump up the neck wings at home.Lie chest on a flat horizontal surface,
and it must be elevated above the floor (for example, a bench).The edge of the bench should be at chest level.On the back of the head, place a towel, and on top - a dumbbell.Tilt the head up and down.Dumbbell can hold hands.Alternatively, if lie down sideways on the bench, doing this exercise, you can still pump up the muscles of the neck and side.
Another option exercises.Lie on the floor, legs podozhmite as you are comfortable, and put his head on the edge of a chair or sofa.Repulsive head of the couch, while adjusting the load by hand.Exercise can be performed lying on your back.