you need
  • mat, dumbbells, watches.
Lying on his back, hands are placed under the head, one leg bent at the knee and standing on the floor, and the second is on it.It is necessary to lift the leg upwards and towards the shoulders.Raise the foot as close as possible to the chest, and then falls.Ensure that the lower back pressed to the floor, to perform upgrades to 20 times, changing legs.
While lying on your back, hands behind his head, one leg straight lies on the floor, the other bent at the knee on it.First knees raised floor toward the chest, right leg is bent at an angle of 90 degrees, then returned to its original position.It is necessary to carry out the exercise due to the lower abdominal muscles, not by flapping feet.Perform 20 times
one on the other foot, then 20 times changing the position of the feet.
perform the following exercise lying on your back, arms are also located under the head, shoulders raised, one leg straight and is located 5 cm from the floor, the other bent at the knee and place it as close as possible to the chest.It is necessary to perform motion springy legs - one leg moves upwards and bent towards it, then return to the original position.We perform twice, then change legs, shoulders lowered impossible, breathing should be smooth.
We are in a sitting position, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor do not have to stand, arms around his knees.Then straighten your legs forward, and hands in divorce in hand - are holding this position for 3 seconds.It is important that the feet are not touching the floor.Return to the starting position.To carry out this exercise, you are not holding your breath, the maximum number of times.Also, for this exercise, you can take into the hands of dumbbells, using them can strengthen the hands and chest.
Lying on his back, legs and arms are located on the floor, lift your hands up over your head.We take a deep breath and exhale tightens his arms and legs to each other.With this exercise you need a good stretch the muscles of the abdomen.