To achieve this you need to do deep squats.During the sit-ups you have to keep the barbell on his shoulders (this is one of the most effective exercises among bodibildirov).In carrying out this exercise, make sure that the hamstrings touch the gastrocnemius muscle.
If you just could not perform this exercise, do not despair, every squat you will receive all the better.You should not straddle, select a convenient position for you to squat when you do not feel uncomfortable.To get started, take a blank neck and start to do the exercises.To get used to this exercise, perform 3-4 sets.
Make sure that during exercise your back is straight and was in suspense.Do not lean forward.Standing stamped on the keys, keep your back straight, secure this pos
ition and slightly lean forward.During the exercise, should only one leg, torso should be moving.
Then slowly, making no sudden movements, sit down until the end and rise to the starting position.Every day it is necessary to perform the 7 sets of 12-15 repetitions.If the exercise you feel good, you can increase the load up to 20 repetitions, but if you are very hard to carry out this exercise, do not hurry, do 5-7 repetitions, gradually increasing the load.The first performance of the exercises should be as light as a warm-up.
You can also use the machine.Technique movements will not change, but the simulator should be put legs so that during lifting of the body you can lift up the neck, and a little bit ago.
If you want to shape your ass, you should perform lunges with a barbell.This is a fairly simple exercise, but it involves a lot of accessory muscles.For very busy people - this is the perfect exercise because it must be done once a week.If you perform this exercise correctly, then during the first months of training you will get sick buttocks muscles.
There are several ways to perform this exercise: dumbbell in your hand or stamped on his shoulders.Perform exercises with the stamp is more effective.Get up to the starting position (as when performing deep knee bends), step forward slowly (no sudden movements, so as not to damage the ligament).Leg must be bent at a right angle, and the leg, behind which will be bent at right angles.You should almost touch the floor with his knee, but do not rely on it.Now go back to the starting position.Repeat 10-12 times, alternately changing legs.