On the sporting goods market, there is a huge range of simulators for every taste and wealth.Only such a variety to choose from it is sometimes very difficult.If we talk about the gym, to help as much as possible to work the buttocks, thighs and hips, the ranking is as follows: in the first place on the effectiveness - stepper, followed by elliptical and bike, and closes the four treadmill.
have fitness trainers and professional athletes rather skeptical attitude to steppers.It is caused by too narrow focus of the simulator, but in the fight for a beautiful ass and firm buttocks stepper exercise machine - first mate.Another undoubted advantage of this unit is its compactness.The sm
all size allows the use of a simulator at home and even in apartments where space is limited.To do this, just need to choose a mini-stepper that after class, you can easily clean under the bed or sofa.To find the beautiful buttocks and thighs is recommended to deal with stepper 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes.With this approach, the result will not take long.
Next simulator - elliptical.Movement on it resemble a ski trip: legs and arms move alternately.Elliptical Trainer, unlike stepper uses a lot more muscles and allows to study not only the lower part of the body, but the whole body.Besides collision load on joints and knees on the ellipse is substantially lower than any other simulator, and contraindications for studies on it is less.Therefore, even though an elliptical trainer, and less effective for the legs, hips, buttocks and sides, but more gentle to the joints.
If we talk about the bike, it is also very good and can help to find a beautiful and fit feet.The problem lies in the following: not all know how to deal with the simulator.Some people, when they sit on the bike, then relax and pedal twist on the machine while reading a magazine or talking on the phone.But that training was successful and gave the desired result you need to sit, keep your posture and not "overwhelm" in different directions.Only with this approach, when the muscles are assembled and work, you can find a beautiful body.Engage on a stationary bike is recommended daily for 30 minutes.
The last trainer to help work out the leg muscles - a treadmill.It involved in the calf muscles by tilting blade can increase the load on the buttocks and anterior thigh.In addition, the treadmill contributes to the overall weight loss of the body.For optimal fat burning and giving mouth-watering figure recommended to engage in forms 5 times a week.It should be run for 45 minutes at low speed, without stopping, and breathers.