you need
  • - medbol weight of 3 - 4.5 kg;
  • - dumbbells;
  • - platform height of 5-10 cm;
  • - two platforms height of 15-30 cm.
brush up on technique perform classic push-ups.Take the emphasis lying on the floor.Arms straight, slightly wider than shoulder width.Fingers facing forward.The body is tense, is a straight line with your feet.Slowly lower your body down, bending your elbows.Keep the lower back does not bend, do not arch your back.Drops to until the chest touches the fl
oor.Fix the position for a few seconds.Slowly return to starting position.
To quickly increase muscle mass is to perform plyometric or explosive push-ups.Take the starting position - the emphasis lying on the floor.Arms straight at shoulder width.Slowly lower the body until the chest touches the floor.Then throw sharp push up housing.Follow cotton hands under the chest, while the body is in flight.Landing on bent arms, so as not to damage the elbow joints and reduce the impact load.
Another option plyometric pushups - pushups uneven offset.Take the emphasis lying.The right hand is on the floor, under the left enclose small platform height of 5-10 cm. Slowly lower your body down until the chest touches the floor.Then, sharply push yourself up and move the body to the side.Toes remain in place, and hands must change its position.On the dais now the right hand, left on the floor.Perform push-usual pace, straighten your arms.Again push-start and finish of his jump with a shift in the body side and change hands.Alternate push-ups and push-ups with displacement.
Follow simple uneven push to the maximum work out the chest muscles and arms.Take the emphasis lying.The right hand on the floor, standing on the left medbole.Slowly lower your body down to his chest touched the floor.Pause briefly at the bottom, then straighten arms.Returning to the original position, continue to straighten his left hand to the right off the floor.Follow rise until fully straighten his left arm.Return to starting position.Change hands.
Add push with traction, and your breasts will reach outstanding size.Take the starting position - the emphasis lying.The hands are not on the floor, and dumbbells.Bending the arms, lower body, lower lock point.Return to starting position and immediately follow the thrust dumbbells to his belt with his right hand.Place the dumbbell on the floor and once again, do push-ups.Now make a thrust to the belt with his left hand.This is one approach.
If you need to increase power endurance, add to their training program isometric pushup.Take the emphasis lying.Hands slightly wider shoulders on the two low platforms, the body between them.Slowly lower your body as low as possible.After reaching the lowest point, pause for 10-15 seconds.Return to starting position.
To complicate the execution of any push-ups and increase the load on the muscles, perform push-ups with your feet on the floor is not, and on a small hill.Ideally, the height of the elevation should be such that your body is in the initial position is a horizontal line.That is gradually platform height should be approximately equal to the length of the hands.At home, the perfect edge of the bed.