So if you want to train on the increase in mass, be guided by the maximum power effort.However, gradually increase the load and weights are adjusted so that you can not perform more than 12 repetitions of exercises and at least eight.Each lesson in the initial phase should include 2-3 exercises (each do 4 or 5 sets).Incidentally, the first approach must be warm-up and easy.In general workout should take 15 minutes.Otherwise you risk damaging the knee joints, which are very difficult to restore.
All strength exercises are divided into two types: basic and isolated.The first will help to burn fat, increase endurance, and drawing the bump.But the latter contribute in building strong
and bulky muscles.Just the same, and they will need.By the base include squats on his chest, on one leg, with a barbell behind your head and press the simulator.
Squats behind the head should be started with the correct fixing neck: the blades need to be reduced, straighten your back and neck to put on a little strained trapezius muscle (about shoulder level).In order to reduce the possible load on the knees, slightly dilute socks out heels also stand on a small hill or the magnitude of 1.5-2.5 cm. Crouch start smoothly, the back does not bend forward, exhale and rise.
Not all the strength may be squatting on one leg.To perform this exercise, stand with one foot on the platform (a step, for example) and stick on to something by hand.To enhance the effect, you can do sit-ups with a dumbbell in his free hand.
Equally important with the increase in muscle mass will also have proper nutrition.The fact that the need for muscle growth source.Therefore, the diet should consist not only of carbohydrates, but also be sure of the proteins.In addition, the meal should be a part of that is in addition to the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner in the schedule will be attended by numerous snacks.