main by increasing muscle mass is frequent meals, as needed for the growth of the source.In no case do not eat rare, but a large number.From this will not be kind, and the "full" the stomach for a workout - it is not the best.Eating should be as follows: in your schedule, in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner include a constant "snacks" (preferably not less frequently than every two hours).The fact that the body is required to increase muscle, "building material".So you if you want to achieve a result, need to forget about hunger.
in your diet should be present as proteins and carbohydrates.But proteins still needs
to be more.It is necessary to update the muscle tissue after training.Daily norm of proteins in the body is considered to about 1.5 g per kg body weight.Also in the diet should be a sufficient amount of fat.Another important factor - it is water.Consume it in large amounts, because it is to some extent a source of power and energy.The day is recommended to drink at least 12 glasses of fluid.
in building muscle mass is not the last role played by the dream.Please note that it is not just a vacation, but it is a dream.After all, during deep sleep the release of growth hormone reaches its peak.Furthermore, in these periods decreases the metabolic rate, blood flow to the muscles, on the contrary, increased.It is also ideal for the growth and regeneration of muscle tissue.
As for exercise.I must say that it is only to increase gradually, but mandatory.Continuing to increase a little weight training apparatus or the number of repetitions of each exercise.By the way, the optimal number of repetitions is considered to be 8-12.So choose for yourself each time such a load, you are guaranteed to have been able to do the exercise at least eight times, and not to exceed the number of 12.