Take dumbbells suitable for your weight.For example, it is not necessary to train with a load of 2-5 kg, if you are a beginner, be limited up to 1.5 kg.Stand up straight, hands lower down, feet shoulder width apart.As you inhale, lift your hands to the side, with an exhalation, lower them back down.Do 20 repetitions.
Extend your arms in front of him.On the inhale your arms to the side, trying to keep them parallel to the floor.Exhale again brought together.Repeat at least 20 times.
Extend your arms to the sides.Pruzhinte them up and down of 1.5 minutes, then exhale, lower your arms along the body and relax.Stretch yo
ur arms in front of him and repeat the springy motion during the same period.
Bend your elbows so that the shoulders are parallel to the floor appeared.On the inhale your arms to the sides, with an exhalation, return them to their original position.Do 20 repetitions.
buttocks Sit on your heels, hands folded in prayer in front of the chest th.On the exhale, push your hands on one another, hold the voltage of 6 seconds.With breath relax the muscles of the arms and relax for 6 seconds.Repeat the exercise 10 times.
Stand with your feet, spread as widely as possible, lower the arms along the body.With an exhalation bend in the hip joint, put his hands in front of him.Transfer the weight of the body is completely in his hands.With an exhalation bend your elbows, zoom into the chest to the floor.On the inhale straighten your arms.Do 10-15 pushups.Drawing on his hands, pinch the feet together, then inhale through the rounded back, lift the body up.
Sit down, bend your legs at the knees, put his hands around her hips.On the inhale lift your hips up and take a pose reminiscent of the chair: the hands and shins are perpendicular to the floor, hips and body are parallel.Fix this position for 1 minute.On the exhale, lower your hips to the floor.Repeat this exercise 2 more times.