you need
  • - collapsible dumbbells;
  • - horizontal bar.
order to pump front Delta , you can go two ways.The first way is to extend the humerus.This method visually enhances your shoulders, because it wants to achieve this result, people set a goal to pump Delta .This method is suitable for those who do not have 20-25 years.Try to catch up on the bar as wide a grip maximum number of times.Also, regularly check the pool.
second way is to directly by the "pump" beam front deltoids.Before starting exercise for this group of muscles kneaded in order to avoid injuries.Workout is a slight extra weight in the form of a dumbbell.Once the muscles "warmed u
p", proceed to the basic exercises.
Perform bench presses with dumbbells or barbell in different variations: sitting or standing.When performing these exercises do not forget about proper breathing: inspiratory you lift the dumbbell, exhale - it falls.Also, in addition to a variety of regimes follow ups (standing to the side, in the slope).Do not forget about such effective exercises for the front of deltas as alternate lifting arms with dumbbells in front of you, run it smoothly and without jerks, breathing techniques previously described.
Follow the so-called "bench Arnold" - effective exercise aimed at developing front and middle delta.For its performance sit on a bench or a chair, grab a dumbbell in both hands and raise them to the level of the head with his hands to his face.Having taken this initial position, start an exercise: while inhaling lift the dumbbells straight up while turning the palm of your hand in the opposite direction, after your hands are fully extended, exhale slowly lower the dumbbells and expand the palm of your hand, returning to the starting position.
not forget about nutrition.To build muscle active body uses protein, so eat high-protein products (per 1 gram of protein per 1 kilogram of body weight): nuts, rice, fish, beans, cottage cheese, bananas, etc.You should never feel hungry, but do not overdo it: there is no need to gain weight.It is also possible to use a variety of protein powder - source of pure protein, but it is better to stick to natural products.