you need
  • - dumbbells;
  • - a small ball with sand inside;
  • - carpal expander;
  • - smooth drive from the bar;
  • - hammer.
Feel free to use the carpal expander at every opportunity.Choose the most tight shell, twist and crease it, as soon as free time.If you keep on your desktop expander prohibited corporate ethics, put on the table a piece of clay the size of a chicken egg and knead it in his hands five times a day.
Take the hammer for an end to arms oyatki.Put your elbow on a corner table top and turn the brush from side to side, like you pour a glass of water.Perform three sets of
16-20 repetitions and change at hand.
Put at hand on a desk or other flat surface so that the brush hung over the edge.Take hand at dumbbell.Palms facing up.Dip the brush, gently moving his fingers, but to the dumbbell not slipped.After that collect at hand in a hard fist and bend your wrist as much as possible for themselves.
Stand up straight.Take a smooth drive from the rod, that is, with no rim.Hold it with your fingers over the edge as long as you can.Hand hanging freely down the body.Loads not only the muscles of the wrist and fingers.
Take a small ball or a bag full of sand.Stand facing a wall at a distance of two or three steps.Lift hands at the ball to the shoulder, bending it at the elbow.The palm should be facing the wall.With the power throw the ball into the wall without making a swing hand oh.The cast should be carried out only by the movement of the brush .Strive for a power shot, the ball bounced to you in and hands.Gradually increase the distance of the throw.
Take the position of emphasis lying on the hands.Do not rely on the palm and on bent fingers.Do push-ups at a slow pace.To complicate the work load without relying on five fingers, and four or three.
perform stretching exercises after muscle wrist and forearm.Stand up straight, raise your arms straight have in front of you, palm down.Another second hand hold the base of the fingers and pull the brush itself.Hold for 15-30 seconds at maximum stretching phase.Then relax, squeeze the brush stretchable hand in a fist and turn it over.Another second-hand bend to his fist.Hold at the maximum of 15-30 seconds.Change at hand.