The cheapest and easiest exercise for weight loss - rope

This device is an essential attribute of sports and gyms.Jump rope is used and girls who want to become thinner, and brutal fighters.

The three main advantages of the high efficiency of the simulator allows you to put the rope on the first top-ranked - a small price, ease of operation and ease of storage, in contrast to the more bulky devices.

Using the rope is very effective in the fight against obesity, especially cellulite on the thighs.

This mini-simulator will not allow the pump very muscular legs, but they will create much-needed vitality and contribute to weight loss.

Elliptical (ellipsoidal) simulator

This device combines just three sports equipment - exercise bike, jogging and step
per.Pedal simulator allows to simulate a natural step for man, since they do not describe a perfect circle, and, as the name implies, an ellipse.

an hour of walking on such a device, you can burn up to 850 calories, cycling training in arms that move the upper ceiling simulator.Moreover, in contrast to the bike and treadmill, elliptical shown in the initial load is still unprepared body, it does not injure the knees and allows you to lose weight pretty quickly.

Traditional bike

similar device as close as possible simulates riding a conventional bicycle, which is difficult to carry out, for example, in the winter season.The device is relatively simple bike - a stationary bicycle to the flywheel under the front wheel.

But unlike the previous device, while working on a stationary bike is almost not involved belt spine, making it somewhat more modest performance - about 650 calories for 40-60 minutes.

This simulator can be combined with a fairly humdrum household activities.For example, watching television.


This machine, which is considered the best symbol of a healthy and successful man, is a fine example of aerobic exercise.On a treadmill, you can set the speed and intensity of running, as well as the angle of incline, allowing you to simulate, for example, uphill.

an hour intense workout can burn up to 700-800 calories.However, this kind of stress is contraindicated in people who are overweight, because it can have a negative impact on the knee joints and cause new, sometimes quite severe, injuries.Therefore, professional trainers recommend using treadmills only have trained people.

Traditional steppers and mini varieties

This device is a simulation of two or three stages, which are trained to man rises and then descends.The angle "stages" can also be adjusted by adding and relaxing the load.

more advanced models of steppers are also equipped with rails that make it easy to work with trainer for weight loss.Due to the load on the legs and buttocks device allows to reduce up to 500 calories in one hour.However, the stepper has the same contraindications as the treadmill - it is better not to use a very dense people.