first and most simple than you can pump up the press - this is a common lift torso off the floor.To do this:
- Lie on a vertical surface completely.
- legs bent at the knees.
- Put arms and chest or reduce head.
- began to raise the body off the floor, elbows touching knees.
do this exercise for 4 sets the maximum number of times.
To increase the load, you can use the "pancakes".To do this, note for head s hands, hold the projectile.To replace the weighting agent can put an inclined bench.The greater the amplitude, the greater loads.
to pump the lower press is recommended bars, horizontal bar, or wall bars.All these shells require a lifting legs.The legs can not bend at the knees.Gradually raising the amplitude will increase as
the cubes press .
for exercises hand and you can use dumbbells or neck.Dumbbells can pump up your biceps, triceps and delta.Heading - the biceps and triceps.
biceps need:
- Sit on a flat, hard surface.
- To rest the outer side of the elbow towards the inside of the thigh.
- Cranking hand at the elbow with a dumbbell.
number of repetitions: 15 times for 4 sets.
For triceps should be:
- Sit on a flat, hard surface.
- Hand with dumbbell bent at the elbow and make his head.
- Another second hand to hold the body in the area of ​​the ribs.
- flexion and extension hands behind your head at.
number of repetitions: 10 times 4 sets.
deltas need for training.
- Sit on a flat and hard surface of the chair.
- Take a dumbbell in both hands and .
- Raising hand and until they are parallel to each other, omitted.
Repeat 15 times 4 sets.
exercises with the stamp of approximately the same, for the biceps:
- Stand vertically or her back to the wall.
- Take in hands and neck.Distance grip should be slightly more than shoulder width.
- and lift the neck 10 times in 4 sets.
To triceps:
- Sit on a flat surface or stand vertically.
- Adopt hands and stamped by the head.
- Raising and hands above his head and return to its original position 10 times 4 sets.