Take a dumbbell in the right river, lean on his left hand bent at the knee the same leg.On the inhale pull the right hand back, exhale, bend it at the elbow and tighten the dumbbell to shoulder.Make exercise 20-25 times, again with his left hand.
Stand up straight, hands lower down, palms turn forward.With an exhalation simultaneously bend your elbows, lower inspiratory them down.Repeat 20 more times.
Stretch your arms at chest level, turn the palms upward.Hold a dumbbell in the weight for 1 minute.With an exhalation lower hands along the body.As you inhale, lift your hands to the side, giving the palm up, keep them for 1 minute.Then lift your hands a little closer to the head about 45 degrees and lock for 30 seco
nds.Once fully relax the hands, dropping them down.
Lift arms straight above your head.On the inhale dilute them exactly to the sides, palms up.Do springy motion, shaking his hands up and down for 2-3 minutes.Exhale Keep hands together and relax them.
Put your hands down, turn their palms forward.With an exhalation bend your right arm at the elbow, straighten while inhaling.With the next exhalation, bend your left arm.Repeat this exercise 20 times with each hand.
Squeeze arms to his sides, bending at the elbows.With exhale pull your right arm forward, while inhaling, return it back.Repeat with the next breath boxing movement, but now his left hand.Take a 20-25 approach this exercise with each hand.
Raise your hands above your head.With an exhalation lower them down to the breath lift to the starting position.Repeat the exercise 20 times.Rest, then do another one approach.
There are also several other ways to force action on biceps .This swing boom, push-ups, boxing and swimming.Use them at every opportunity, and then your biceps will always look inflated and volume.