Our body - a versatile tool that can help itself to become more fit and strong.Basic exercises using own weight - this push-ups, lunges, squats and pull-ups.Before training required to heat the muscles and do stretching exercises.
Pushups.You can perform this exercise on horizontal and vertical surfaces.The higher the angle, the more effective exercise.So the most effective will be push-ups, and the most gentle
- push-ups from the wall.If your muscles are still weak in his arms - start push-ups from the wall, with each passing day departing from all over the walls.There are variations of push-ups - reverse push-ups.For its implementation should be back to support, put his hands on her and down, straighten the body.
attacks.These exercises help to work out the muscles of the buttocks and thighs.For the exercise, stand with your feet together or put one foot width.Expand shoulders.The hands can take a dumbbell, lower them along the body.Then you can make an attack either forward or backward.
Lunge forward breathe and do the right foot a big step forward.The entire weight of the body move slightly forward.Thigh working leg should take the vertical position.It is important when performing these exercises correctly up to prevent damage to the knee joint.Get up only due to the efforts of the working leg rendered forward.Housing in any case be straight.Repeat the same exercise for the other leg.
Lunge back: take a step back, and then slowly lower yourself, keeping the body straight.The width of such steps, calculate to the shin of the front leg was strictly vertical floor.Body weight should be felt in the heel feet, lunged back.At the same time the working leg is on the toe, knee almost touching the floor.In the starting position back, pushing the heel broken legs.Do not lift by repulsion heel legs, which made an attack back.
Squats.Squats, lunges as well as allow to work the leg muscles.Perform they can be in various forms and with varying depth - the deeper the squat, the better.Options Exercise: squat with your knees forward, to the side.
pullups.These exercises develop the muscle groups of the back, shoulders and neck.All that is needed - to catch up on the bar, overcoming the weight of your own body.To the hand from slipping, it is recommended to put on special gloves hands.You can start with the bar located a few feet from the floor, then your own weight will be much less than when in the free vise.The gradual transition to a more highly placed the crossbar.