you need
  • weight, desire to build muscle
the first day of their workouts start with rises in the shoulders: it lay on the floor between the feet two weights, caveback, bend, take the weight, lift one shoulder and the other to hold the lowered hand.Make alternate presses, changing hands.Eight times in three sets.
second exercise: bend, pull alternately performed weights to the belt.8 times with each hand on the three approaches.
third exercise: follow each hand five times alternately squeezing the top of the shoulder.Do three sets.
second day.Take a dumbbell in your right hand, lift it over your head, straighten.Perform smooth squat, slowly sitting up and l
ying down on his back.Then do this exercise in reverse.Change hand.And so five times with each hand.Exercise repeat three times.
Follow walks with two weights for half an hour.
third day.Arranged alternately squeezing the shoulders of eight times with each hand (three sets).
Take the emphasis lying down, lean on the handle weights, do alternate traction weights to the belt eight times.Do three times.
Follow swinging weights.To do this, put your feet on the floor between the two weights, bend forward, bend your knees, arch your back, raise your head, do a little backswing, then vypryamtes and return motion shall carry the weight forward and upward to the level of the chest.Return to the starting position.This exercise ten times, do three sets.
classes to bring the greatest benefit, it is necessary to adhere to the following tips.Perform exercises with weights every day should not be.To avoid overloading, the first day follow on Monday, the second - on Wednesday, the third - on Friday.Combine training with weights and with other activities: power, pulling and so on.