Tip 1: How to deal with barbell

rod - the most popular sports equipment to build muscle and strength development.In addition, regular exercise can help to achieve a restorative effect, make the shape of the relief, and improve the cardiovascular system.However, for classes with bar should be approached responsibly.
Training barbell is best done in the afternoon or evening, but not in the morning, as the strength exercises are associated with the load on the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems.Engage is no more than once every two days.In the first week exercise duration should not exceed 40-50 minutes later - up to six hours.However, the increase stands carefully, just a few minutes.
Beginners often overestimate their strength.Remember that any carelessness can result in injuries, sprains or muscle weakness, decreased performance.It is therefore important to determine the optimal load.The first few sessions is best done with a partner who will insure you during exercise.First, determine the maxi
mum weight, that is the load with which you can do the exercise only once.Weight burdening suitable for training, should be equal to about half of the maximum weight.Repeat until complete each exercise fatigue, but not more than 8 times.
not forget the warm-up, because it helps prepare the muscles to force exercises.In the warm-up complex include breathing exercises, walking, jogging, stretching exercises without shells for all muscle groups, kicks and hands.Take a 10-15 minute warm-up and the risk of injury during a training session with the bar significantly reduced.
to develop and strengthen the shoulder muscles will approach this exercise.Stand with your back straight, put the feet shoulder width apart.Grab the barbell with palms up and lift it to his chest.Then sit in a chair and lift the barbell above his head.Lower it to the shoulders or head.Always engaged with insurance!
This exercise is aimed at strengthening the pectoral muscles.Lie on your back on a low sports bench, feet rest against the floor.Hands over the bar rises up on themselves, and then go down to the chest.
To develop leg muscles, pay attention to this exercise.Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, place the barbell on the shoulders of his head.Keeping good posture, take a few deep knee bends.If you do not want to develop the gluteal muscles, put a small heel wedges.In order to strengthen the calf muscles by taking the same starting position, and put the barbell behind your head, get up on your toes and then lower to full foot.

Tip 2: The useful lessons bar

There are many different simulators and other sports equipment with which it is possible to keep your body in great shape.Among other things, the inventory profile is impossible to ignore the post.
The bar is perfect for increasing the strength and endurance of the body
rod - the projectile, which appeared for a long time.Even in ancient Greece, athletes preparing for competitions using galteresov - rigidly connected by a core of stone or metal.Now the bar is more mobile and is made up of the neck and completely removable drives of varying severity.

Classes with the rod will bring the most benefit to those who are professionally or as an amateur engaged in powerlifting, weightlifting or bodybuilding.In addition, a sports equipment - the best friend to the person who wants to significantly strengthen the endurance of the organism and at the same time to achieve comprehensive development of muscles.This, incidentally, is the main difference from the bar any complex simulators, which are usually loaded with certain muscle groups.

Disadvantages training barbell

The disadvantages of training with a barbell, you can include the following:

Due to the large size and the need for additional hardware (rack, bench, discs of different weights) virtually eliminates the possibility of training in the home.

necessary to correctly choose the weight of the rod and specific exercises to eliminate the possibility of injury. start the course with a barbell, consult with experts.The trainer will tell you which exercises are most effective, and the doctor will explain what kind of load is to abstain due to the nature of the organism.

What is the use of the bar for men?

If your goal - to develop his strength and stamina, everything is quite simple.It developed a set of rules to be followed during the training.For example, work with the "critical" weight, etc.Activities should be carried out regularly, occasionally slightly increasing the weight of the disc and the number of approaches.Only by rods, perhaps the best results can be achieved in a relatively short period of time.

If you are more tempted by the thought of getting a beautiful relief of the body and increase muscle volume, the rod will cope with this task.A variety of different techniques and exercises with small loads, but a large number of repetitions will help bodybuilders achieve the results to which they aspire.

What is the use of the bar for women?

can not ignore the lessons to the pole and the beautiful half of humanity.If you dream of a slender and athletic legs and buttocks tightened - there is no better exercise than squats.Do not be afraid of such strength training.The main thing - to be engaged with pleasure and do not post too heavy.In this case, the exercise will only benefit the body. Before starting the exercise to study in detail the rules for its implementation.

In addition, except for the muscles in the legs in the course of employment with the bar actively involved direct and oblique abdominal muscles.

If you have not engaged with the rod, but now inspired and already going to the gym, do not forget at the site to communicate with an instructor who will assist in the development of a new missile.
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