The easiest exercise for the development of the calf muscles is a rolling stop.Take the starting position: Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart.Transfer your weight on your toes, stay in the moment of highest tension in the muscles, and then roll the foot and stand on your heels.Make at least four sets of twenty repetitions.To increase the effectiveness of this exercise can be manipulated using the extra weight.
Another variation of this exercise is the so-called "donkey".For its implementation need to stand up, leaning forward and resting his hands, for example, a sofa or bench.Legs keep straight, shoulder-width apart.You will need the help of partners, who will have to take you back.You can use the extra weight.Get up on your toes and linger in this position for about thirty seconds.Do eight se
ts of twenty repetitions.
for the development of the calf muscles are also very useful cycling or training on a stationary bike.
There is also a special trainer for calves.It consists of the shop, which fits, a pair of rollers for the feet, and weight of the cables.Before the occupation of the simulator you select the desired number of pancakes and secure them to the cable.Then lie on your stomach so that the edge of the bench was on the level of your hips, and you could put your feet on the floor.Hooked feet for rollers and gradually bend your knees a little lingering in extreme position.Perform three sets of fifteen repetitions.