you need
  • - beam;
  • - wall bars;
  • - carpal strap.
If you decide to learn how to catch up, do not leave it for long.Take 1-2 tightening whenever you have given such an opportunity.Let tightening will be clumsy and small amplitude, the muscles gradually become stronger, and you will be easier to move.
Determine whether the hands are ready to work at the bar.Often the main problem in pull-ups are not weak muscles of hands and untrained hands.Note the time that you will be able to hung for at the bar.A good indicator - 1 minute more.If hands sli
de, use the carpal straps.
Carpal straps are also needed if your body weight is too high, and you use pull-ups as part of the fight against excess weight.
Use for pulling the first time a reverse grip.This grip the bar when the palm turned to him.Tightens thus lighter than classic direct grip.
Note wider grip, the more difficult to start moving.As long as your muscles get stronger not hike up a narrow grip.Once you feel the progress, gradually expand the grip.
If you can not perform a single pull-ups, use lead-in exercises such as pull-on lightweight wall bars or pull a jump.
Climb the wall bars and grip the bar slightly wider than shoulder width.Rise as the angle at the elbow will not be straightforward, and the crossbar will not appear at the chin.Tighten the muscles of the back and arms, try to bring your elbows close to the body.Remove legs from the support and hang on hand.Hold the muscles tight and slowly lower yourself down, straightening the arms.Lowering should take 4-5 seconds.
Use the momentum to jump the bar from a standing position.Stand under the bar high.Jumping up, grasp the bar and right hand bend, using the inertia of the jump.Reach the chest and chin to the bar.Follow lightweight exercises to form the correct biomechanics at the level of the body and connected to the correct muscles.
Use the momentum to help you perform pull-ups.Help yourself down, when your arms get tired, and you hang in the air.Tighten your knees to your elbows while lifting or help yourself straight legs, a little "pushing" from the air and continuing to breastfeed up to stretch.
Try to catch up to 1-2 times more on each subsequent workout.Perform each exercise "to failure" in the last repetition, when the body stops halfway, and a further rise is impossible.
Train with a partner.Play the "ladder".The point of this game is that you are doing pull-ups on the stage, starting with one repetition.In each following approach increases the number of pull-ups on one.The series will end when one of the competitors will not be able to do more pull-ups than the other.
When you can catch up with a narrow grip 5-8 times, go to a classical tightening.Grasp the bar wide grip, palms away from you (forward grip).Cross your legs.Rotten in the back, climb up, connecting the blade and try to touch the breast bar.Slightly linger at the top and slowly return to starting position.