you need
  • - a subscription to a gym
the first day of training a week do exercises to pump back and shoulders.To carry out the work on the back upper and lower thrust, with the maximum possible number of repetitions in each set, but no more than twenty.This way you have built up the bulk of the back.For the study, use of lifts trapezoid narrow grip in standing up to the level of the clavicle.For training, use of shoulders wiring dumbbells to the sides and front of him, as well as the mode of rod up because of the head while sitting on a bench, dumbbells and bench in the same position.
second day of training fully devoted exploring the pectoral muscles and triceps muscles.T
riceps is quite involved when working with the pectoral muscles to be warmed and slightly tired, so it will be enough just to finish it before total failure.To work with the chest muscles, use a wide grip barbell bench press and dumbbell wiring, on the straight and incline bench, respectively.To work on your triceps extension use the EZ barbell with hands because of the head to direct the bench, as well as extension of hands with dumbbells because of the head.
to work out biceps and forearms, use a separate day.
to work on the biceps, use lifts dumbbells and barbells, both direct and EZ rod.It is desirable to use a palm rest to prevent cheating.Complete training biceps separate study of each hand.Then work through the forearm, neck rolling dumbbell or barbell with relaxed fingers clenched fist to the complete failure of paltsev.Rabotayte press.Use the side and straight twisting crunches and side tilts.Work through the straight and lateral abdominal muscles to give the press toughness shapes.