you need
  • - dumbbells;
  • - Rod;
  • - bench;
  • - chairs.
In order to pump up the pectoral muscles well, there are many different exercises.The most popular of them: push-ups, bench press, dumbbell bench press lying and "Pullover".The number of approaches, the number of repetitions and lift weights depend on the fitness level of the trainee and increases with repeated sessions.
If push-ups are pumped inner, middle and outer muscles of the chest.Begin training with muscle pumping medium.To do this, put your hands on the width of a little more than shoulder width.To get the maximum effect, try to touch the floor breast.To increase the internal muscles, place your hands as close as possible to each other.And for external - angle at the elbow crook must be
exactly 90 degrees.
To further work out the muscle groups, do push-ups on stools.Put one of them on foot, while the other two - hands.When push-ups, try to omit the chest below the stools.Load and muscle tension thus will increase with the increase range of motion.
Perform bench press.Take the rod, and lift it over the breast.Enough, they have the distance between the hands, will affect the group pumped muscles.In order to achieve greater effect, you can use a special inclined bench, which is sold in any sporting goods store.The upper chest muscles when swinging back raised, lower - when the angle of the bench more than 180 degrees.
dumbbell bench press is performed while lying straight and bent arms.In the first case a direct hand with dumbbells precede breast and then spread them apart until it stops.For the lift with bent arms put his hands straight in front of him and spread them apart so that the angle of the elbow was 90 degrees.Do not give up while below shoulder level.
Do exercise "Pullover".Lie down on a straight bench, grab a pancake from a bar weight and lower his head on straight arms.Starting position - straight arms in front of chest.
exercises with a barbell, dumbbells and pancakes called exercises with free weights.They are designed specifically for general pumping breast muscle groups.To bleed the specific muscle groups, you must do the exercises at the gym and blocks.But this should be done under the guidance of a coach.
not take breaks between sets for more than 2 minutes.Otherwise, the muscles will begin to cool and broken exercise routine.
order to achieve greater effect, do exercises every other day.Eat protein foods and eliminate as much as possible from entering the body fat.