you need
  • wrap and other available means to exercise a little bit of free time and a great desire to get rid of extra fat
visit an endocrinologist, a nutritionist and a professional fitnesscoach to compile an individual program of diet and exercise regime.The three experts will help you in the shortest possible time to get rid of a fat belly well.In addition, given all the features of your body, they will make a program that by and help get rid of extra kilograms, and will not harm health.
Track your meals yourself.Exclude from the diet of fatty, fried foods, baked goods, flour products.Do not eat salty foods - salt retains water in the body, leading to weight gain.Eat small portions.Avoid snacking, instead you can have a cup of
green tea or suck on the caramel.Almost 60% of your diet should be fruits and vegetables.Less drinking water, especially soda.Do not assimilated by the body fluid deposited in the waist area.
perform on a daily basis exercises to train the press - tilts forward, twisting, squeezing, lifting the torso from the "lying."Swimming pool.In the morning to do at least ten-minute jog.Remember that any exercises should start with warm-up and rubbing.Stomach massage before exercise is recommended that blood flow to the body fat "absorbable" excess fat.
take a shower.After the morning exercises or jogging necessarily take douche.Washcloths thoroughly rub the area stomach and hips as well.
Replace ride on public transport hiking.This will help improve circulation, normalize metabolism.These calories during the meal will be quickly absorbed and processed.Extra weight will go away.