Begin exercises to warm up the muscles.Put your feet together, make the slopes.Set yourself a rule: every time your fingertips touch the floor.Even if you do not allow your spine, buttocks muscles still in some way stretch and become more flexible.This will increase the effect of subsequent exercises.
most efficient exercises for the muscles of the pelvic - it squats.Therefore, each time make the maximum number of sit-ups, depending on the power of your body.Remember that an important role is played by the number of approaches to exercise.
If you are not going to do ten times a day, you have to move the bar in time fo
r another month.Watch out for the quality of their squats.The desired load you will get only if your heels are flat on the floor.Imagine that you screwed them.
You will need to lie on your stomach.Stretch your arms parallel to the body.His head leaning against the chin.Now lift the straight legs up alternately.Pull socks on maximum distance.This is the key exercise.Hold the end position for as long as you allow your strength.The duration of one approach 10 to 15 minutes.Avoid interruptions.
you need to lie on your back.Buttocks arrange on their hands.Now bend your legs at the knees.The fundamental movement - to raise the pelvis to the maximum possible height.Try at the same time to strain the muscles of the buttock .When the pelvis is in the raised position, splay and knees.Continue until the first pain.
Place the palms on the floor, stand on his knees.One knee is on the floor, and the second rectified and make it sway.Keep the toe downward.My legs, repeat all the same the second leg.
If you exercise started to turn, then complicate it - raise the legs to bend and straighten their weight on the heel up, and then also to bring weight flexed.The next step - not all are doing the same upwards and sideways.The perfect swing of up to 90 degrees.