you need
  • - sportswear and footwear;
  • - a subscription to a gym.
When you're armed with everything you need and have come to the gym, you need to approach the coach and go through his instruction.Even if you do not pay for the services of a personal trainer, he is still obliged to introduce you the ropes.After attended lectures can proceed to the basic exercises.
should start with a light warm-up.It is necessary to warm up the muscles and avoid injuries and sprains.Warm up is 7-10 minutes on a treadmill or stationary bike.Exercise is recommended to perform without much straining.If you can not decide what to do - run or pedal, choose the first one.While running is activated more muscle than on taking on a stationary bike.
Next are abdominal exercises.Here you can choose for yourself what kind of exercise you li
ke best.This could be, for example, raise the legs on the crossbar or twisting on a dedicated simulator.
Then do the exercises for the muscles of the chest and back.It is best to choose a mode from the chest on the simulator.When properly activated it is running a set of muscles and chest, and back.Also visible effect will pull on the bar, grabbing the top.When pulling up such a grip, the wider setting of hands, the better.Another well-known way to exercise muscles of the chest - barbell bench press.This exercise in any case can not be performed without a net.If you come without friends, you can ask the coach.He can not refuse.It is also part of his responsibilities.
hands are optimal for exercises with dumbbells and pull grip from below.Exercise that is best suited for the feet - squat with weight.There is also need insurance.
After training is to do a few exercises on flexibility, but they need to carry out carefully.The muscles must be warmed up.