types of simulators

trainers and sports doctors in one voice say that it is best to help lose weight cardio.During training loaded with a variety of muscle groups of the body is saturated with oxygen.In this way calories are burned very quickly.Cardio for weight loss is effective only in case of regular use.

simulator training will be as effective as many muscles activated during class.The most popular exercise bikes are the treadmill, ellipsoid, stepper and exercise bike.

most effectively contribute to the reduction of weight training on a treadmill.In one hour you can jog to l
ose about 700 calories.During exercise breathing becomes very deep and muscles are working very intensively.This helps to function well the cardiovascular system and the lungs.

Sport ellipsoid

ellipsoid slightly inferior treadmill efficiency, especially when compared to the number of calories is reduced.However, he at the same time there are many advantages of its own.Training at the same time it reminds skiing, riding a stationary bike and lifts, slopes stepper.

Classes on this device can be effective and very exciting.The ellipsoid is great for people with diseases of the joints and solid weight, which are counter many types of physical activity.During the training it is almost impossible to injure the knees and spine, as the motion is smooth elliptical trajectory.In the simulator has hand levers that allow you to evenly work out the muscles of the shoulder girdle and arm.

simulators belly

The simplest and most effective exercise equipment, enabling to reduce stomach volume is normal hoop.It has many advantages, here comes a small size and weight, high efficiency, reasonable price.Hoops are different from corrugated and smooth surface, different weights.With them it is possible to form a thin waist and abdominal muscles to work.Start standing with mild smooth hoops, they will prepare the muscles for more serious loads.

wishes to lose weight and reduce belly can take advantage of additional disk health and rider.Ryder is a combined device.On the one hand he has the belt, and the other - the disc.The daily rotation of the disk space will improve the overall tone of direct and oblique muscles, tight stomach.If the purpose is not only necessary to reduce the stomach, the necessary intensive physical activity and exercise equipment of another type.