Tip 1: How exercise helps to lose weight training

long time choosing between a variety of sports, you have purchased a subscription to a gym.Here is the main goal - to lose a few extra kilos.However, an aggressive form of "iron" represented in the hall, drawing in your imagination only mountain of muscle and you're not afraid to lose weight and gain unwanted volumes?However, if the right approach to training, this can be easily avoided, and to achieve this goal.
you need
  • - sportswear and shoes,
  • - a subscription to a gym.
Indeed, to call such a fear can not be justified.The risk of type volume expense of muscle mass really is.However, this is easily avoided.Do not attempt to start their studies on their own, without discussing pre-plan your workouts with a trainer.
Training in the gym - one of the best ways to lose weight.Since most of the simulators are aimed at a specific muscle group, you can target our efforts on the most troubled places.For example, to focus on the muscles of the abdomen or legs.However, the best
slimming suit complete workout.
One of the important points, which often avoid beginning athletes are warming up and cool down.Take the time to prepare the muscles for exercise and be sure to relax them after the load.Thus, you better prepare the body to burn fat, and in fact this is your main goal.
also an important tool in losing weight for you would be cardio.Treadmill, ellipsoid, exercise bike, stepper - a wide range of simulators for the various muscle groups.They help to burn as many calories.However, it is not necessary to carry out cardio workout only.It is best to deal with them at the beginning and at the end of a workout after workout and before hitch respectively.
worth noting another mistake inherent to beginners in the gym.This lack of water intake during training.During the lessons you sweat and lose quite a lot of fluid.It needs to be replenished, otherwise you get tired too soon.In addition, water helps joints stay healthy and removes toxins from the body.Make a plan workouts, alternate between them, study your different muscle groups, and most importantly - to practice regularly, and after a few months you will not recognize yourself in the mirror.

Tip 2: Does the gym losing weight

When a person decides to part with the extra pounds, the first thought - to join the gym.Regarding lessons on various simulators, there are many misconceptions.
Does the gym losing weight

why a person does not get in the gym to lose weight?

Ignorant people often can not achieve effective results in weight loss because it does not distinguish between a class to increase muscle mass and fat burning workout.They pounce on weight training with a view to lose weight and achieve increase muscle mass under a layer of fat.

necessary to dispel the strange belief of some people that you can lose weight in certain parts of the body.And illiterate confidence that adipose tissue can be converted into muscle.That under no circumstances is impossible, fat and muscle tissue can not be connected in this way.

If you become a rock press, your muscles will come in tone and will look better.But the fat layer from this will not evaporate.Therefore, you must correctly build your workout, if the goal - is to lose weight.

In the gym you do not fit exercisers who work at the expense of your strength.It's simulators for individual muscle groups: arms, shoulders, back, abdominals, calves, thighs and buttocks.You do not come to work to increase muscle mass, so leave the frantic repetition later.

What simulators help slimming

Note cardio, burdening especially the heart.This includes a treadmill, bike, elliptical trainer.They involve monotonous execution of various movements for a long time.

Gym cardio promote active burning fat and lead to tone the muscles.At the same time they are unable to provoke a significant muscle gains.So you can buy a slim figure, but not exaggerated abdominal muscles or legs.

Cardio start fat burning mechanism in about 20 minutes after the start of classes.And it provided that you do not eat for a couple of hours before exercise.Otherwise, the body will use the energy of the food stock and to fat and not reach.

is therefore necessary to establish a regime of power, combining it with exercise.Otherwise, the desired effect is not achieved.Also during the workout on cardio definitely need to replenish body fluids by drinking water.Lack of water in the body leads to overheating and fatigue.

After weight loss can switch to muscle relief.Small regular load on the muscles will be enough so that they always remain in good shape.The lack of a thick fat demonstrate your achievements in all its glory.