first exercise for beautiful press : you must lie on the floor, legs bent at the knees as much as possible (the heel should touch the buttocks).To during exercise feet never left the floor, ask someone to hold you to it.If you have no one to help, just be hooked on the toes of the bottom of the sofa or chair.Put your hands behind your head and take a lock of his fingers.
And now try to get his elbows to his knees.This exercise is mainly calculated on the muscles of the upper press .But if you change it a little bit, taking the left elbow to right knee and vice versa, you will train the obliques.Repeat the exercise 30 times for the upper press and the same for the lateral muscles.It is advisable to carry out this exercise in quick succession.Professionals recommen
d to do it for one minute without stopping (one minute you have to execute it 50 times).
second exercise for press : lie down on the floor and at the same time lift the arms and legs.In carrying out this exercise, you have to get your fingers to your toes.Exercise is necessary to perform at least 20 times as much as a fast pace.This exercise helps to strengthen mainly the lower abs and the upper bit is operated press.
third exercise for press : this exercise mainly concerns the upper press .Lie down on the floor, put his hands behind his head and clasped his hands in the lock, then slightly lift the back.Just lift your back is not necessary, it is enough to raise a little blade.Repeat 20-25 times, until you feel a slight pain in the solar plexus.Doing this exercise every day, the results will be visible in a few weeks.
For a beautiful press toned tummy and you must also eat properly.Try to minimize the consumption of fatty foods, lead an active lifestyle and how you can spend more time outdoors.And the most important rule for beautiful press - it regularly perform these exercises.