you need
  • - patience
  • - Rod
  • - dumbbells
  • - block simulator
One of the best exercises, load the needed muscle is cravingrod in the slope.

executes it as follows.
stands in front of the bar.We arrange Feet shoulder width apart and slightly bend their knees.Tips and take the neck grip on top.The palms are located at a distance of a little more than shoulder width.

Slightly arch your back pain, then you need higher torso forward line parallel with the floor.Legs slightly bend your knees, and keep your head erect.The lumbar muscles are tense, try to keep it this way until the end of the exercise.Stange hold on straightened arms next to the shin.

Breathe in and pull the shell to the
belt.It should monitor the situation of the elbows, they should move backwards and upwards, can not breed them in hand.Raise your elbows as high as possible.

thrust rod takes place only at the expense of working back muscles, movement is performed smoothly.

When the neck near the belt will, breathe out and drop the bomb down.Run

need three sets of ten.
How to build latissimus
also an excellent exercise for increasing the latissimus is pulling on the bar.

tightens be holding the bar wide grip.The palms should be placed at a distance that exceeds the width of the shoulders by 30 centimeters.During the exercise elbows are not changing.

inhale spend pulling up, bring the chin up to the level with the bar, exhale gently lowered.
How to build latissimus
to study separately the left and right latissimus used dumbbell with one hand thrust in the slope of the belt.
How to build latissimus
can train the latissimus and block simulator performing traction unit to a belt or behind the head.