Those who have sedentary work, it may be advisable to make short breaks to stretch their legs and walk around the office.Get a small pad, preferably in the form of a roll, and from time to time puts it between the waist and the chair.So you reduce the strain on the muscles.Try to sit on the edge of the seat so that the focus fell on both legs.In this position, straighten the back, and shoulders , respectively, violence.
To find out what is considered proper posture, perform the test.Go back to the wall, forced against her neck, shoulders, buttocks and calves.This posture can be considered perfect, remember it and try to maintain throughout the day.A common culprit of scoliosis and degenerative disc disease
- a simple computer mouse.When you sit all day at a computer, and keep a hand on the mouse, your muscles are compressed, leading to curvature and back pain.If you just read the text or talk on the phone, let the arms rest alongside the body or on the armrests.
possible, better to go to the gym, where you will pick up the necessary range of exercises to improve posture.At home you can strengthen the muscles of the back and shoulders expand own, although it is required and will power.Watch TV, read a book or paint lying on his stomach, put it under the chest rolled roller towel.This passive pressure on the back will help you painlessly spread shoulders .Good exercise "boat" or "fish".Lie on your stomach, straighten and alternately lift the arms and legs, as if rocking on the waves.Exercises abdominal muscles also help correct posture.
Doctors believe that bone growth extends to 19 years.Fully correct scoliosis in adulthood can not be, but a little bit to straighten his back and shoulders expand at any age.And children and adults who have problems with the spine, it is recommended to wear a support brace that will help secure the correct position of the body.At the first opportunity hang on the bar, as much as possible swim, skiing and skating.All this helps to correct posture and strengthens the body tselom.Idite in the world right!