you need
  • any available object that will replace the platform.
  • It may even be a brick (if you suddenly lying around the house unattended bricks).
To perform this exercise, you need two things: a stool (chair) and partner.Stool should be sustainable.Better that your partner was not too heavy.

Also, before you perform this exercise to warm up.A few minutes is raised and lowered on tiptoes.Keep feet together, knees and perform a circular rotation in the knee.Do this a few minutes.

Sit on a stool.The position should be stable.Put the foot on the toes.Now let the partner will sit on your lap with his back to you.You should not be too hard.Now slowly, gently begin
to lower the foot.Movements should be slow and smooth.The essence of the exercise is to get you, sitting on a stool with an additional burden, stood on tiptoes and fell back.Georgia needs to increase the load on the calf muscles.Muscles have to overcome additional resistance.

Be especially attentive and cautious not to damage the ligaments and joints.
For this exercise will suit the Swedish wall.

Stand on the bottom rail, and you should stay on the bar on tiptoes.It is convenient to hold the bar closest to your chest.Holding on to the crossbar, gradually rises.Climbing up to the end, go down to the toes downward, so that the heel found themselves as close to the floor.This exercise should be carried out from 5 to 15 minutes - Listen to your feelings.Do not immediately strongly overloaded legs.Exercise should be done from one to several months.
Take a small platform (in sports clubs plastic platform used for the gym).It may even be a brick or a very thick book (even better, of course, to find the book a more "sporty" replacement).You can keep your hands against the wall in this exercise, but the load on the calf will be reduced.Stand on the platform so that your heels hanging off it.In fact, you should stay on the platform on some toes.Now begin to rise up and then fall down.Forefoot should remain fixed on the platform.The final position, you have to take when performing this exercise - standing stretched on tiptoes on the platform.Exercise should be repeated a few minutes.